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What is Trace flag in SQL and why we use this View:-105
Question Posted on 23 Mar 2019

What is Trace flag in SQL and why we use this
The Trace Tags is used to set temporary setting of specific....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

Different authentication modes in SQL Server and how can we changed it? View:-104
Question Posted on 28 Feb 2019

Different authentication modes in SQL Server and how can we changed it?
There are basically 2 modes of au....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

Simplest Meaning of SQL Injection View:-992
Question Posted on 07 Feb 2017

It is a technique which is used by hacker to hack the website and method they used is to inject Sql Commands ....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

What are the improvement done in Backup Compression in sql 2008 R2 ove View:-1240
Question Posted on 16 Dec 2015

In SQL Server 2008 backup compression is supported in Enterprise edition only. But in SQL 2008 R2 this featur....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

Difference Between Implict Transaction And Explict Transaction View:-1288
Question Posted on 02 Nov 2015

Implicit Transaction is mean for auto commit. Here is a no begin or end of any transaction. On the other hand....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

Transactions with delayed durability in Sql Server 2014 View:-1284
Question Posted on 28 Apr 2015

Transactions with Delayed Durability in SQL Server used to reduce latency. And will return control to the cli....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

Difference between scope_identity and current_identity View:-1331
Question Posted on 24 Dec 2014

Both are same and will return the last identity value created in the table. But Scope_Identity will return th....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

How to setup Database Mail for SQL 2005 View:-1552
Question Posted on 21 Dec 2013

We can setup Database mail in two way one is by store procudre and another is by using SQL Server Management ....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

Different formt used by hierarchyid data type in sql View:-1742
Question Posted on 11 May 2013

Below are the different format used by hierarchyid to represent

tree structure data.
(1)All dat....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

What are the 14 new functions in sql 2012 View:-1654
Question Posted on 28 Feb 2013

Below are 14 new funtions added in sql 2012 which are categoriezed in 4 types as given below
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

Unlock a SQL Login without resetting password on number of failure View:-1704
Question Posted on 26 Oct 2012

As all of us know SQL Server use same password policy that is used by operating system for example account lo....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

Hierarchical Structure of Catalog View in SQL View:-1775
Question Posted on 25 Oct 2012

As all of us know sql create MetaData for datatype objects and for contrainst . We can us this directly to un....
ADS Posted In : DataBase | sql questions

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