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Continuous Integration Questions Answers
Classified Posted on 16 Mar 2018

Home >> Test and Papers >> Continuous Integration >> Continuous Integration Questions Answers

Below are the 20 odd questions for CI or Continuous Integration
(1)----- is a .Net build tool.

(2)Git, Mercurial and Subversion are centralized version control tools.

(3)Jabber is a :
(i)Messaging plugin
(ii)Deployment plugin
(iii)Build plugin

(4)CI pipeline consists of ______________.

(5)Which is the first code analysis to be executed ?
(i)style check
(ii)code coverage
(iii)unit test

(6)Trunk is also known as __________________.
(i)Feature Branch
(iv)Work Branch

(7)Work Branch is also known as_______________________.
(iii)None of the options

(8)Private builds can be triggered automatically.

(9)Git is a ___________________________ version control system.
(iv)None of the options

(10)CCMetrics is used to identify _______________________.
(i)Coupling factor
(ii)Incoming dependencies
(iii)Code Complexity
(iv)Outgoing dependencies

(11)In a normal scenario, software from ____________ is deployed to production.
(i)All of the options
(ii)Release branch
(iii)Work branch
(iv)Master branch

(12)Which is not a CI practice ?
(i)Run fast builds
(ii)Deploy to production
(iii)Stage Builds
(iv)Commit frequently

(13)It is a proven fact that reducing the CCN of code is known to reduce the number of errors or bugs in the code.

(14)Private builds are executed after moving the changes to version control.

(15)Efferent Coupling is a measure of ____________________.
(i)Code Complexity
(ii)Outgoing dependencies
(iii)Incoming dependencies

(16)Build can be triggered by a version control tool.

(17)Activities that are part of continuous integration______________.
(ii)Code Build
(iv)All of the Options
(v)Version Control

(18)Which is NOT a benefit of CI ?
(i)Issues can be identified and addressed quickly
(ii)The integration process is faster
(iii)Bugs and defects no longer occur
(iv)Productivity increases

(19)Which of these is not a valid build trigger ?
(i)manual trigger
(ii)parameterized trigger
(iii)downstream trigger
(iv)version conrol trigger

(20)Which of the tools is not mandated for integration in a CI pipeline ?


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