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XML data types in SQL Server
Question Posted on 22 May 2020

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XML data types in SQL Server
In SQL Server XML data types is very common data types these days we Use XML Data types to store unstructured or heterogeneous. Because XML is also very useful every where in these days like for business to coordinate, exchange of data and for collaborate we use XML.
From SQL Server 2005 a new data type XML is introduced where we can store XML data. With the help of this data type we can store either a complete XML document or a fragment of XML. Before this data type we will use varchar or text data type to store XML. But this will only use to store not to querying or manipulationg XML data. It will also raised XML validation issues. So this XML data type is introduced. These days, we store all data in the relational model with a dynamic column structure. In past we will store XML document in the file system which will create problem to handle that some
time physical store create issue. And sometime we will face issue to do read/write operation on this documents.
And now comes to topic why we need that as we know every industry must have unstructured data and to store that we use this XML data Types.

XML Data Type Methods:-
(1)Query():-It is use to extract XML fragments from an XML data type.
(2)Value():-It is used to extract a single value from an XML fragment.
(3)Exist():-It is generally used to determine whether a xml record exist or not. Return 1 if exist else return 0.
(4)Modify():-It is used to updates XML data in an XML data type.
(5)Nodes():-It is used to shred XML into multiple rows to propagate parts of XML documents into rowsets.

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