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What is Smoke and Sanity Testing and there difference
Classified Posted on 09 Mar 2019

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What is SMoke and Sanity Testing and there difference
Both are the 2 most confused forms of testing which often used interchangeably. Below is defination followed by the difference.

(1)Smoke Testing:- To do hardware or electrical device testing practices when there is a new device was used to checked or operated to see if it doesnot smoke. In smoke testing is done to ensure that normal functionalities are working fine and also check the release is stable enough to be tested.

(2)Sanity Testing:-In this testing technique we will test a particular functionality of software is verified for its correctness instead of performing regression on complete build. Sanity testing is subset of regression testing with the intend of saving time.

Now the diference between two of this is given below
(1)Smoke Testing:-It is a shallow and wide approach of testing
(2)Sanity Testing:-It is a narrow and deep approach of testing

(1)Smoke Testing:-Here build may be either stable or unstable
(2)Sanity Testing:-Here build is relatively stable

(1)Smoke Testing:-It is performed by both Developers and Testers
(2)Sanity Testing:-It is performed by Testers alone

(1)Smoke Testing:-These are tests are usually(preferably) automated
(2)Sanity Testing:-Sanity tests are generally not automated or even documented as test cases

(1)Smoke Testing:-To ensure that the build is good enough to be considered for carrying on full-fledged testing
(2)Sanity Testing:-It is done to ensure that after a new fix the particular component is working fine

(1)Smoke Testing:-Smoke Testing exercises the entire application from end to end
(2)Sanity Testing:-Sanity Testing exercises only the particular component of the entire application

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