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What is Cassandra and who is Using the Cassandra
Question Posted on 06 Jan 2019

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What is Cassandra and who is Using the Cassandra?
Cassandra is one of the famous now a days it has been developed to handle huge data and it offers high write and read throughput. In a Cassandra cluster there is no slave or master nodes. All nodes are considered as equal.

Unlike few conventional relational databases, Cassandra can read from, and write to any node. In addition, this enables Cassandra to be available without having any single point of failure.

Now come to using Cassandra is one of the famous which is being adopted by numerous large and foremost companies for multiple requirements.

(1)Twitter uses Cassandra for data mining across the whole user store, places of interest data, geolocation and real-time analytics.

(2)Mahalo and Digg are deploying Cassandra for their primary near-time data store.

(3)Facebook continues to adopt Cassandra for inbox search, despite utilizing a proprietary fork.

(4)Rackspace are employing it for cloud service, logging, and monitoring.

(5)Reddit deploys it as a persistent cache.

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What is Cassandra and who is Using the Cassandra
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