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What is Caching and why we use cache
Classified Posted on 10 Jan 2019

Home >> DotNet >> Cache >> What is Caching and why we use cache

Cache is usefull to save data and storing it for later use. Cache is a smaller and faster memory which stores copies of the frequently used data which is later use as a input for other thing. Here we stroe object like HTML pages, images, files, web objects, etc are stored in cache to improve the efficiency and overall performance of the application. A cache is typically stored in memory or on disk. A memory cache is normally faster to read from than a disk cache. But, does not survive system restarts.

Below are the reason why we use cache
(1)Reduce Latency
(2)Increase Capacity
(3)Improve App Availability

Other Important Questions
What is Caching and why we use cache
cache Interview Questions Part1
Which Caching Topology is recommended for a read intensive distributed
Which of the following is true about a well designed cache
Which of the following Cache Eviction techniques consider Locality

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