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Some funny facts about the food we eat
Question Posted on 04 Oct 2019

Home >> Science Techonlogy >> Fun Facts >> Some funny facts about the food we eat

Some funny facts about the food we eat
Answer:-Below are the some facts about the food we eat
(1)Green, yellow, and red bell peppers are not be the same vegetable.
(2)Coffee creamer or ranch dressing can contain titanium dioxide which is usally found in paint plastic and sunscreen.
(3)Do you know ears of corn generally have an even number of rows which is usually 16
(4)Do you know scientists can turn peanut butter into diamonds.
(5)One very important fact is that white chocolate is not actually chocolate.
(6)Ripe cranberries behaves same as like rubber balls and bounce is same.
(7)Do you know potatoes can absorb and reflect wi-fi signals.
(8)Every banana we eat is clone.
(9)Do you now orginal Honey will never ever go bad.
(10)In past people thought tomatoes were poisonous.
(11)Do you know Grapes will explode if we put them in microwave.

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Some funny facts about the food we eat

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