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List of Reserved Words in VBScript
Classified Posted on 30 Jul 2019

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List of Reserved Words in VBScript
Below are the list of 177 Reserved words in vbscript
Loop LSet Me
Mod New Next
Not Nothing Null
On Option Optional
Or ParamArray Preserve
Private Public RaiseEvent
ReDim Rem Resume
RSet Select Set
Shared Single Static
Stop Sub Then
To True Type
And As Boolean
ByRef Byte ByVal
Call Case Class
Const Currency Debug
Dim Do Double
Each Else ElseIf
Empty End EndIf
Enum Eqv Event
Exit False For
Function Get GoTo
If Imp Implements
In Integer Is
Let Like Long
TypeOf Until Variant
Wend While With
Xor Eval Execute
Msgbox Erase ExecuteGlobal
Option Explicit Randomize SendKeys

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List of Reserved Words in VBScript

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