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Different location where logs are captured in asp.net
Question Posted on 14 May 2020

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Different location where logs are captured in asp.net
If you are a ASP.NET developer then you are familiar with the logs in asp.net. But there different 4 places where you will get some more information on logs in asp.net as given below:-
(1)Standard IIS Logs:- This is the most common place. If your flow of request response model goes from IIS this is the common place where you will get "Logging" features and get all logs details as given in below screen.

IIS Logs
(2)HTTPERR if Not Found in IIS error Log:-Most of the Request are shown in IIS log but there are certain condition when logs are not recorded for example:- IIS logging is disabled. In that case it may be going to HTTPERR.Incoming requests to your server first route through HTTP.SYS before being handed to IIS. These type of errors get logged in HTTPERR.
Where are the HTTPERR error logs?

(3)Windows Event Viewer:-Windows Application EventLog will log 500 unhandled asp.net exception. This is handled by the ASP.NET Health Monitoring feature. We can control this setting in our web.config files. There is very limited error written to the application EventLog. We can disable writing any errors to application EventLog. Health monitoring feature have some compatibility issues with WebForms, MVC, Core, WCF or other frameworks so it will not write all error to EventLog.

Application EVent
(4)Failed Request Tracing:-One of the less uses IIS error logs is FRT. It is very powerful. It provides robust IIS logging and should works as a great IIS error log. We can enable FRT in IIS Manager and can be configured via rules for all requests, slow requests and certain response status codes.

FRT Error

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