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Advanced Multiple Choice Questions on PHP
Classified Posted on 18 Jan 2018

Home >> PHP >> PHP Questions >> Advanced Multiple Choice Questions on PHP

Below are the list of multiple choice question on php with answers

1. Version introduced the advanced concepts of OOP of PHP?
a) PHP 4
b) PHP 5
c) PHP 5.3
d) PHP 6

2. Magic method used to help overloading in PHP?
a) __call
b) __invoke
c) __wakeup
d) __unset

3. Method is used to tweak an objects cloning behavior?
a) clone()
b) __clone()
c) _clone
d) object_clone()

4. If object must inherit behavior from a number of sources you must use a/an
a) Interface
b) Object
c) Abstract class
d) Static class

5. Class from which the child class inherits is called..
i) Child class
ii) Parent class
iii) Super class
iv) Base class
a) Only i)
b) ii), iii) and iv)
c) Only iii)
d) ii) and iv)

6. Which of the below advanced OOP features is/are not supported by PHP?
i) Method overloading
ii) Multiple Inheritance
iii) Namespaces
iv) Object Cloning
a) All of the mentioned
b) None of the mentioned
c) i) and ii)
d) iii) and iv)

7. Which is the right way to clone an object?
a) _clone(targetObject);
b) destinationObject = clone targetObject;
c) destinationObject = _clone(targetObject);
d) destinationObject = clone(targetObject);

8. To create a model that will be assumed by a number of closely related objects, which class must be used?
a) Normal class
b) Static class
c) Abstract class
d) Interface

9. Which feature of call more than one method or function of the class in single instruction?
a) Typecasting
b) Method Including
c) Method adding
d) Method chaining


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