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Write down some of the common difference between MongoDB and MSSQL?
Question Posted on 10 Oct 2021

Home >> BigData >> MongoDB >> Write down some of the common difference between MongoDB and MSSQL?

Write down some of the common difference between MongoDB and MSSQL?
Below are the some of the common difference between MongoDB and MSSQL:-
Base Of DifferenceMongoDBMS SQL Server
XML SupportMongoDB will not support XMLSQL Server support XML
ScriptMongoDB support JavascriptMS SQL support Transact SQL and .NET languages
Release Year20091989
Storage ModelMongoDB support Document-oriented storage modelStorage model support by MS SQL Server is RDBMS
Transaction TypeNOSQL Server support ACID transaction type
JoinsMongoDB does not support JoinSQL Server support joins
Map ReduceMongoDB support Map ReduceSQL Server doesnot support Map Reduce
LanguageMongoDB support JSON Query LanguageSQL Query Language
ScalabilityMongoDB support Horizontal ScalabilitySQL Server scalability is vertical
AgileMongoDB support Agile practicesSQL Server doesnot support agile practice
Data SchemaThere is dynamic Data Schema in MongoDBData schema in SQL Server is fixed
LicenceMongoDB is open sourceMS SQL Server licence is commercial
Language of ImplementationMongoDB implementation is C++SQL Server implementation language is C++
Name of CompanyCompany name is MongoDB.INCSQL Server company name is Microsoft
Foreign KeyThere is no concept of foreign key in MongoDBSQL Server support foreign keys concept
ConcurrencyMongoDB doesnot support concurrencySQL Server support consurrency
TriggersMongoDB not support TriggersSQl Server Support triggers
Secondary IndexMongoDB support secondary indexSQL Server support secondary index
Operating SystemMongoDB support by different operating systems like Windows, Linux and OS X.SQL Server support operating system like windows.
DriversSupports driver MongoDB are Dart, Delphi, Erlang, Go, Groovy, Haskell, Java, JavaScript, Lisp, Lua, MatLab, Perl, PHP, PowerShell, Prolog, Python, R, Ruby, Scala, SmalltalkDifferent drivers support SQL Server are .NET, Java, PHP, Python, Ruby, Visual Basic

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