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Write down some common difference of Row an Column store in SAP HANA?
Question Posted on 13 Oct 2021

Home >> SAP >> SAP Hana >> Write down some common difference of Row an Column store in SAP HANA?

Write down some common difference of Row an Column store in SAP HANA?
Below are the some of the common difference between Row and Column are given below:-
Row StoreColumn Store
As the name suggest it will stores table records in a sequence of rowsAnd on the other place here entries of a column stored in contiguous memory locations.
The application needs to process only one single record at one time (many selects and /or updates of single records).Calculations are typically executed on individual or a small number of columns.
The application typically needs to access the complete record.The table is searched based on the values of a few columns.
The columns contain mainly distinct values so compression rate would be low.The table has a large number of columns.
Neither aggregations nor fast searching are required.The table has a large number of rows and columnar operations are required (aggregate, scan, and so on)
The table has a small number of rows (for example, configuration tables).High compression rates can be achieved because the majority of the columns contain only a few distinct values (compared to the number of rows).

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