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SAP HANA is different then other and why?
Question Posted on 13 Oct 2021

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SAP HANA is different then other and why?
Below are the reasons which shows why SAP HANA is different:-
(1)SAP HANA was the first technology ever which is used for both OLTP and OLAP application processing.
(2)SAP HANA will provides query processing environment for both structure and unstructured data. Which is for both Relational database(tables) and less structured(texts,graphs) respectively.
(3)HANA is defined as High Performance Analytical Appliance, a?? full transactional?? RDBMS system given by SAP.
(4)SAP Hana consists of in-memory computing engine(IMCE) which will combine row based and column based architecture.
(5)As we knows SAP HANA is capable for both OLTP and OLAP into a single box which includes both Hardware and Software innovations.
(6)We can also called SAP HANA a Hybrid Database System.
(7)Due to multi-core processing engines of SAP HANA system it will process data parallelly. The parallel processing is done within different columns of the same database. Using a columnar database, the system optimizes data structure and eases storing large data by compressing it.

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