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Limitation(s) of RDBMS is/are ______________.
Question Posted on 11 Oct 2021

Home >> BigData >> NoSQL Database Revolution >> Limitation(s) of RDBMS is/are ______________.

Limitation(s) of RDBMS is are ______________.
Choose the correct option from below list
(1)All the options
(2)Ease of Maintenance/Performance
(3)Scalability/Database design complexity
(4)Less Expensive/Performance

Answer:-(3)Scalability/Database design complexity

Other Important Questions
____________ in Key-Value databases are similar to 'Tables' in RDBMS.
CAP represents ____________.
___________ is an Object Oriented database.
Which Replication model has the strongest resiliency power?
An example of Key-Value datastore is ___________.

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