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Ansible Questions and Answers
Classified Posted on 19 Mar 2018

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Ansible Latest optional Questions and answers
(1)You can activate your privilege escalations using which settings?

(2)ansible.cfg should be present in

(3)To store sensitive information you can use ansible-vaulte.

(4)Which module will you use to create a directory?

(5)Ansible has two type of servers
(i)Only node
(ii)controlling machines & nodes

(6)What is the output statement of the following snippet?
- name: test
shell: echo "hello"
register: a
debug: msg="the message is {{ a.stdout }}"
(i)the message is hello will get printed without any errors
(ii)syntax error because of conflicting action statements

(7)How can you reduce the number of SSH connections required?

(8)You write comments in Jinja2 as:
(i){{ }}
(ii){# #}
(iii){% %}

(9)Which module can be used to copy files from remote machine to control machine?

(10)what is the default forks value in configuration file?
(i)depends upon hosts in inventory

(11)Which command tells ansible to run the playbook on all the hosts except host1?
(i)ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml --limit "all:!host1"
(ii)ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml --limit 'all:!host1'
(iii)ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml --limit "!host1"
(iv)ansible-playbook playbooks/PLAYBOOK_NAME.yml -limit 'all:!host1'

(12)Ansible can deploy to virtualization and cloud environments, Including
(i)Cloud Stack
(ii)Google cloud platform
(iii)All the Options
(iv)Amazon web services
(v)Open Stack

(13)YAML uses tabs for indentation, True or false?

(14)Using which module can you see the list of all the ansible variables?

(15)Which configuration management software is Agentless?

(16)Ansible is
(i)All the options mentioned
(ii)Orchestration Engine
(iii)configuration management
(iv)Infrastructure as Code

(17)Which Ansible module is used to manage docker services and containers.

(18)How to define the number of parallel processes while communicating to remote hosts?

(19)Ansible can work as a push automated deployment system and as well as a pull automated deployment system?

(20)Which of the following is a valid YAML syntax?
(i)path: F:\test
(ii)All the options mentioned
(iii)path: F:
(iv)path: "F\test"\programs

(1) (i)

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Ansible Questions and Answers

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